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Why choose Momentum Physiotherapy for Exercise Rehabilitation?

All of the Physiotherapists at Momentum have a strong background in exercise rehabilitation and prescription. It has been proven clinically that to effectively provide treatment for any musculoskeletal injury, an appropriate exercise rehabilitation program must also be included. Without an effective exercise program, the likelihood of recurrence of pain and dysfunction is increased.

At Momentum Physiotherapy we tailor each exercise program to the specific needs of each client. Each practitioner will not only write you a specific rehabilitation exercise program, but will also take the time to ensure that your technique on each exercise is perfect! Follow up, consistency and progression are the key components to your exercise program which will allow for a successful return to your pre injury status.

Physiotherapists at Momentum hold degrees in both Physiotherapy and Exercise Science which allows us to provide our clients with a more comprehensive treatment protocol. Having access to the latest state of the art rehabilitation equipment as well as hydrotherapy, you will be guaranteed to be in the best environment for effective treatment.

If you are currently undertaking a treatment program for a chronic injury but you have not been shown a specific, functional exercise program then NOW is the time to book in at Momentum Physiotherapy for an initial consultation.

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Our clinics are situated in Lexington Corporate and Norwest General Practice in Bella Vista, within Fitness First Platinum, Sydney CBD and also within Fitness First Platinum, Mosman and The Mosman Practice in Mosman.

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