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What can a Nutritionist do?

Nutritionists are qualified to assist with weight loss, weight gain, sports nutrition and medical nutrition therapy.

Nutritionists analyse the foods you eat and take into consideration any medical history or family history to calculate your energy and nutrient requirements according to your metabolic status and energy expenditure.

The main aim of programs designed by a Nutritionist is to provide you with nutrition education, assist you with setting achievable goals and to provide you with practical advice you can apply day to day.

Why attend a consultation with a Nutritionist?

  • To lose weight effectively
  • To maximise the benefits of your fitness routine
  • To increase your energy and sense of well-being
  • As a preventative measure if you have a family history of cancer, heart disease and other major illnesses
  • To support your body during an illness such as being diagnosed with a food intolerance

What happens during an Initial Consultation?

During your Initial Consultation the practitioner will identify and explore your health goals with you and obtain a thorough history of your medical, social and family history. Measurements of your height, weight and waist circumference will be noted to enable your progress to be tracked.

Your diet history will be discussed and a nutritional assessment will be conducted. Nutrition education will be provided throughout the session and the session will be completed with the setting of short and long term goals and an outline of an appropriate nutrition plan

What happens during the Follow Up Consultation?

The Follow Up Consultation is usually scheduled a fortnight after your Initial Consultation and involves client feedback regarding progress and measurements of your weight and waist circumference.

A dietary analysis will be conducted of macro/micro nutrients and energy consumption in relation to the health goals previously identified.

At the conclusion of the session a re-assessment of dietary goals and plans will be completed and further nutritional education will be provided. Any additional goals identified will be documented in an updated Nutrition Plan.

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