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At Momentum Yoga we focus wholeheartedly on providing high quality and authentic yoga services to the Hills district area.

Whether you’re a beginner yogi needing support of an advanced practitioner who is after a challenge, our phenomenal instructor offer bespoke classes to guide you through your yoga journey and transform your body, mind and soul.

100/7 Hoyle Avenue
Castle Hill NSW 2154

Ph: 0435 879 848

About The Studio

Highly-trained and dedicated teachers provide a welcoming and open space for students to unwind, connect back to themselves and deepen their practice, both on and off the mat.

Our yoga classes are heated between 23 – 32 degrees with Infra-red heaters, which are great for detoxing the body. The studio is fully equiped with beautiful shower and change-room facilities. High quality Manduka yoga mats are provided.

Youeni’s fresh, organic and nourishing snacks and drinks are available for purchase at reception.

At Momentum Yoga we offer a variety of classes, these include:

Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic, flowing style class which incorporates sun salutations, standing poses, twists, backbends, arm balances and inversions. The movements link to the breath, providing a moving meditation.

Vinyasa classes are challenging and develop, strength, flexibility, endurance, toning and mental focus.

Hot classes are heated to 30 degrees.

Warm classes are heated to 24 degrees.

Moon & Sun Hatha

Hatha – an opposing of energies HA = Sun and THA = Moon.

A slower practice focusing on longer hold and developing the breath. Mental calmness and stability are key as you journey through your practice.

Classes are heated up to 24 degrees.

Vinyasa Foundations

These classes are designed for students who are newer to yoga or who want to take things a little gentler.

A slower paced vinyasa flow class. Set up the base of your yoga practice with foundation classes.

Non heated class.



Perfect for the beginner yogi through to advanced yoga practitioner. A passive and deeply relaxing practice tapping into and releasing the connective tissue throughout the body. Yin is the perfect way to unwind and practice stillness.

Whether you’ve been living a busy lifestyle, stuck at your desk all day, or exerted your body through physical activity, Yin relieves the daily tension.

A transformative practice for the who need to stretch-out and unwind.

Non heated class.

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