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Pilates uses a unique blend of mat and equipment based techniques which delivers positive fitness and rehabilitation results. Momentum Pilates adopts a genuine and caring approach to the health and wellbeing of our clients.

We are committed to tailoring a program that will enable you to achieve your goals by offering personalised and focused training in private and small group sessions with an emphasis on providing a fulfilling experience.

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Bella Vista NSW 2153

Ph: 0422 415 449

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact, total mind and body form of body conditioning. It helps to build flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and muscle tone.

Through the balanced development of core strength and flexibility, Pilates creates awareness to support efficient movement and can further assist in creating better posture by correcting muscle imbalances. Pilates can also assist in injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.

Pilates is unique in that it integrates muscle control, breathing, flexibility, strength training and body awareness.

Pilates offers a variety of benefits to health and well being, these include:

  • Strengthening the core
  • Increasing muscle strength
  • Balancing the muscles to create better alignment
  • A more toned, mobile and flexible body
  • Relief from stress – and a feeling of rejuvenation
  • To enhance and compliment your sport training or workout
  • A leaner, longer look
  • Enhancements to muscular control of the body
  • Improved stabilization of the spine
  • Greater awareness of posture
  • Improved physical coordination and balance
  • Enhancements to sport performance
  • Relaxation of the shoulders, neck and upper back
  • Safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries
  • Reduced muscular pain
  • Tailored exercises that are safe and suited to your level
  • Post Pregnancy recovery

One of the best things about the Pilates method is the broad range of levels it can accommodate. Athletes and dancers recognise the benefits of Pilates as well as seniors, pre and post pregnancy and individuals in various stages of physical rehabilitation. It is suitable for beginners, gentle for those with limitations, and can be challenging for sports people and athletes.

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Our clinics are situated in Lexington Corporate and Norwest General Practice in Bella Vista, within Fitness First Platinum, Sydney CBD and within Fitness First Platinum, Mosman.

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