What is Hydrotherapy?

As the name suggests, hydrotherapy is a therapy (in this case, Physiotherapy) which takes place in warm water.

The advantage of water based Physiotherapy is that it takes away the effects of gravity and hence reduces the load on the body. The techniques which your Physiotherapist may use whilst in the pool will vary depending upon your injury. However, Hydrotherapy is a great stepping stone towards developing functional strength which can then be applied to your day to day life.

Is Hydrotherapy right for me?

Hydrotherapy may be appropriate if you are not permitted by your doctor or surgeon to be fully weight bearing because of your injury.

It may also be appropriate if you have too much pain or discomfort with land based activities. Remember that with Hydrotherapy you have continual resistance from the water which allows for excellent activation of muscles through their full range of resisted movement. Hydrotherapy can begin very basic but will increase in complexity as you also improve. Please note that all Hydrotherapy sessions are undertaken in a warm pool which helps to relax your muscles and reduce pain.

To find out whether or not a Hydrotherapy program is suitable for you, please make a booking with one of the highly skilled Physiotherapists at Momentum Physio.

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